Made by Mooney

Demo Reel

A brief selection of my recent animation work.

Shot breakdown:

1. Scraps - hand-painted Thesis animation (Dragonframe, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere)

2. The Night Light - 2D/3D animation (Illustrator, After Effects, Maya)

3. Heinz, Happy 4th - hand-painted ketchup animation for Heinz social platforms (After Effects)

4. Chateau de Mooney - animated digital matte painting (Photoshop, Maya, After Effects)

5. Cyclical Fantasies - hand-painted animation (Premiere)

6. Arm & Hammer Logo - 2D/3D animation for Arm & Hammer pitch (Illustrator, After Effects)

7. A/V - stop motion project (Dragonframe)

8. Tightrope - digital matte painting composite animation (Photoshop, Nuke)

9. Arm & Hammer Bumper - Arm & Hammer pitch video (After Effects, Premiere)